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Servox Inton Voice Prosthesis

The SERVOX® INTON Speech Device was developed in order to help patients make themselves understood as soon as possible after their laryngectomy operations.

When placed against the throat, the device generates ultrasonic vibrations and transmits them over a membrane into the pharynx, mouth and nose area. A clear and intelligible voice emerges through the natural speech movements. Clear, concise articulation is the key to any and all post-operative voicing methods.

The SERVOX® INTON Speech Device offers affected patients several options for making themselves understood. Not all of them must be used immediately or at the same time. Patients should learn each step separately and practice it until they have mastered it in daily use before continuing with the next possibility.

Each individual level is technically built up on the previous one. The first two steps are easy to recognize since the two buttons are situated next to each other on the speech aid. The base tone is produced by pressing the upper button. The lower button, called the accentuation button, can be pressed to make the speech sound more natural by emphasizing certain parts of words and sentences.

The intonation can be set internally. This causes the pitch of the voice to fall off at the end of a word or sentence, similar to natural speech before the operation.

Speech using the SERVOX® INTON Speech Device ...


with base tone
(= upper button)


with base and accentuation tone
(= both buttons)


with base tone and intonation
(= internal setting)

It is advantageous to learn how to use the SERVOX® INTON Speech Device under the instruction of a speech therapist. Only in this way can the user be sure that he/she exhausts all possibilities that the device has to offer.

118 mm long and weighing approx. 170 g, the speech device is light and compact. One advantage of its titanium housing is that it is not affected by perspiring hands.

The volume level can be adjusted to each situation using a small wheel ergonomically situated next to the two speech buttons.

The pitch should be adjusted to meet the wishes of each individual user. To avoid accidental changes, the pitch can only be set internally.

Item #SV01
Servox Inton Voice Prosthesis

Technical Data
SERVOX® INTON Speech Device



 Speech aid dimensions:
 (L x Ø)


 4.65 x 1.38 in




 Charger dimensions:
 (W x H x B)


 3.35 x 1.77 x 5.75 in




 Weight speech aid:


 0.24 lb (without battery)




 Weight charger:


 0.84 lb (without battery)




 Weight battery (NiMH):


 0.13 lb






 Electrical Values




 Battery voltage:


 7.2 V DC




 Battery capacity (nominal):


 270 mAh for NiMH






 Charger LA 2.40




 Input voltage:


 230 V~/50-60 Hz or
 110 V~/50-60 Hz




 Output voltage:


 18 V= max.






 5.2 VA




 Max. charging current:


 80 mA max.




 Short circuit current 230 V:


 50 mA max.




 Short circuit current 110 V:


 100 mA max.




 Environment temperature:


 +10°C - +30°C
 (full power)
 0°C - +40°C
 (still permissible)


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